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Turn On Sad Music

A poem about the beauty of sadness

By Jūlija @beeofjulyPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Turn On Sad Music
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Turn on sad music!

I need to feed this sorrowful sensation.

My heart wails,

And she needs resonation.

Again there is this pang in my soul,

A stab in the heart, a burning coal.

I do not yearn to be soothed,

To have my heart's rocky cliffs smoothed.

I have an unfulfillable longing,

Now let me bleed.

I am the song that I am singing,

They're in my heart, the bells that are ringing.

Drown me in music, thus my soul will be freed,

Divine melodies flowing through my chest,

My mind flying through unknown lands blessed,

Lands far away, yet so familiar,

I've never been there, but 'tis so natural

To dissolve into the waves of the sound,

Touched by the vibrations in the air all around.

Another soul's blood flowing into mine,

We ache together, our feelings entwine

In the intensity of a violin's cry,

In thoughts broader than the vastness of the sky.

I do not wish to be made numb,

With the voices inside me silent and dumb.

I wish to be amplified and to bleed,

So turn on sad music - to you I plead.

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Jūlija @beeofjuly

Heyo, I'm a multipassionate with a love for medicine, natural sciences, linguistics, music, math, and writing, which I use as an excuse to explore anything that captivates my heart and mind.

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  • Jimmy8 months ago

    Very touching story!

  • Brenton F8 months ago

    "I do not yearn to be soothed," and from then your words pulled so many songs and pieces of music to mind. I'm trying so hard not to put Disintegration by The Cure on now!

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