To Float

Ship on the ocean 

A passenger on a vessel watches as the ship floats along;

Never understanding what destination lies ahead;

The waves get choppy and become ominous;

The passenger wonders what's wrong something is a-miss;

The sky looks atrementous;

The ship seems to be becoming alive;

What is happening the passenger wonders;

The ship to and frows;

The ship is going under;

What a blunder has occurred the passenger ponders;

Not enough time to think the ship is flipped by a tidal surge;

The passenger escapes before the bow is taken to Davy Jones' locker;

The ship merges with the ocean;

The passenger watches in awe;

The passenger at that moment awakes;

Was it a terrible dream?

The passenger doesn't know;

They hear a noise outside;

The passenger goes to scope it out;

Without a doubt it's people, the passenger feels like he hasn't seen people in forever;

The passenger goes to converse but nothing is uttered from their lips;

What is happening the passenger thinks, how strange;

Just then the passenger hears the story of a boat capsizing a century ago;

The passenger thinks to themselves this story sounds like my dream;

Was it a dream or was it real;

The passenger now realizes why they can't talk.

sad poetry
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