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Truth In This Writer

by Shawny 2 months ago in slam poetry

Stop and Breathe Anthology

Truth In This Writer
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

I am a Writer

Though my ink may have run dry

The trails I’ve been lead through

Entangled by crippling thorns

Enlightened with heavenly light -

stitches on my heart

Relinquishing orbs of forgiveness

And unholy matrimony

I am my writer

Appreciating the human nature

Glorifying every tiny error, comma, cursive, and forgotten erasing

Formulating my life's anthology

Encased in a tomb - encrypted - secretive not for the everyday eye to see

Though my ink may have run dry

Poetic blisters yearn for release

Oozing hymns of saintly glory

I am the Writer

I’m a writer

I am my writer

A poet

A journalist

Like a photographer

Capturing the memory

I make it visible like a mirroring lake

Reliving the terror

Relieving the nightmares

That scorches my brain

My poems are marked sad

When they unfold truths and

De-wrinkle lies

I am a writer

A broken writer

A poet

A black poet

A Journalist

A spiritual journalist

I am a gift

slam poetry
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