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by Don Anderson II 3 years ago in sad poetry

Words I Rewrote at Least 4 or 5 Times

How I See Myself When My Depression Hits

I thought I was done with this bullshit but I guess not, I share my truth and all I get is the same shit but different slots. "Don, why does it make you sad?" "Don, you should be happy, man." I am happy, believe it or not but it's limited. Damn, 2015, what a year for my depression, huh? It's like it left me for 2 years but it came back stronger, I thought I was ready to be in love and couldn't be wronger but over time, I knew I couldn't keep it in forever so I only told a few people including my brother. A friend of mine told me to try therapy but it's not for me, eventually music and writing became my gravity so let me tell my truth, fuck your judgement and shit. I lie to my close friends so they don't have to deal with my wounds because odds are they deal with an injured dude. All I get is a "get over it" and get turned loose. Ever since I fell in love with a girl who liked another girl, I tied my own noose, the hanging happened in May and I've been in and out of the mental afterlife. Built this persona while I was stuck in my own sunken place, haven't fallen in love again but I'm at my own pace. Pride won't let me show it but love will get me killed because when you're on the edge of another tomorrow, you always learn another skill. No dates, no hangouts, and barely time to go out and skate. Only talk to one of my older brothers because they share my pain, we might've moved on and all but shit will never be the same, in all honesty, I kinda thank the fact this shit happened, otherwise, I wouldn't be out here trying to pick up new habits. I'm writing 7 or 8 scripts while I finish school, this dream I have is almost all I need to be cool but at the end of the day, you don't know how much I really changed. I'm not the same man you knew before, that man's estranged, I'm like Batman, I mean Bruce Wayne. I wear a mask that's not my cowl just to keep everyone from my pain.

sad poetry

Don Anderson II

IG: eraticdemon22

Movies, memoirs, lover of music, student.

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Tips will go towards phase 2 of my traveling plan. Read "5 Decisions, 1 Change" for details of my plan.


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Don Anderson II
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