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True Feelings of Broken Wings

by Makayla Mermaid 4 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem

Haunted Silence

True Feelings of Broken wings

Pushed out. kicked out

Dropped and ditched

Torn and tired

Broken and bruised but still fighting

Questions echo loud in her head

Thoughts of death are her only friend

Some Days she sits and wonders what if I run

Some Days she sits and ponders how far I have come

Some Days she sits and wonders what have I done

Some days she sits and ponders just what has begun.

Days last longer nights grow colder

Tears fall faster hearts break deeper

Stress builds faster

Her mind dies quicker

Numbing blows to her soul

How the hell does she feel any more

Taken out by many bedded but plenty

Loved cause she is crazy hated because she can be a baby

Treated like a toy fucked like a slut

No wonder she hates everyone she can't look at herself and not see a slut

Blades help the feelings but only for now

Pills don't work right and her girls will one day lay with her on the ground

Someday she will fly. fly high into the sky

But tonight she just writes to try and wash away the pain.

sad poetry
Makayla Mermaid
Makayla Mermaid
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Makayla Mermaid

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