Trouble-free Reality

For a Day

Trouble-free Reality

I was Trouble-free for a day

Problems came and mistakes passed by

but I was in a clear reality

Where my weight was lifted

gifted for a second, shifted from my normal perspective

the average directive that has been stuck

the lens i looked through was shrouded by muck

and it sucked all the life from me

because i believed that i was that filth

the grimy gloom that always loomed underneath every moment

dark and despair, unable to care about the concerns of those around

trapped and bound

for this moment now, the world does astound

for this day, free

as alive as i can be

oh love i am truly me

and i know i will be sucked back into entropy

but let me breath

just one more soft inhale

while the stillness inside prevails

Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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Nicholas Goodman

Poet. Writer. Avid Tea enthusiast. Truth seeker. Love maker. Wondering what makes the world smile and how I can create that in words.

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