Tribute to the Linemen

Repairing Power Lines Keeping the Lights On

Tribute to the Linemen
Linemen restore power to homes in winter

The wind howled, the snow fell, the trees swayed

A winter hell. Ice formed on electric lines

Lights flickered, blinked on and off, alas power lost

A call is made, lanterns and candles lit, restoration

Of power could be a long wait. Battery radio for the news

Read a book, take a snooze, keep warm with a nip of booze

Out in the cold the linemen work in all sorts of weather

the worst months of winter when snow falls light as a feather

Their job they don't shirk, tramping in snow knee deep

climbing poles they work long hours without sleep

They climb into utility trucks drink coffee thermos warm

Wishing they could be with family asleep in bed at home

They work through the midnight hour, to restore power

To thousands of homes, they keep working tired to the bone

Warming their hands belly full of sandwich and hot coffee

They step out in the cold of a bitter white land

lines on the ground raised again in the air, broken lines they repair

They travel miles of road, climb utility poles, string wires

working through darkness of night to restore our light.

A transformer is replaced, trees cut away, they work til break of day

When you say your prayers tonight thank God for the linemen

Who worked through long hours on a dark cold night so you could have light

Jennine Donier
Jennine Donier
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Jennine Donier

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