Triangle Dings

Those Lame Poems You Hear at Shitty Cafés

Triangle Dings

My mouth is dry but I try licking my lips anyways

My heartbeat is pounding so hard I can feel it in my temples

I'm sitting on the curb in the pouring rain

It's a good thing my jacket is waterproof.

The hula girl on my dash swings her hips violently

Flying through the woods in my sandals

The branches breaking off the roof

It's not all terrain.

Some sort of utensil will slice through my heart

I don't want, need, or care for love yet I am desperate for it

A cool towel on my forehead will never calm me down

Doing everything for everyone won't amount to anything in the end

They won't stop giving me guidelines which to live my life

I don't listen to their rules it's all crazy talk

I'm alone but that's okay

That's okay.

My head is throbbing and I can't stop blinking

My fingers are covered in chalk from another day but it won't wash off

Not even polka dots will cover my scars

performance poetry
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