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Tree of Life

by Anthony Cornatzer 3 years ago in social commentary

One Week in America, 2018

My brother carries

A tattoo,

And I carry

A ring

Of the tree of life.

A minority may

Yet go unrecognized

For what they identify

As their own gender,

An elderly Black couple

Were killed,

And eleven people

Were also gunned down

At a synagogue similarly called

The tree of life...

My God,

How much blood soaks

The ground

Around the tree of life.

In midst

Of such cries

Of outrage

And blame

For all these atrocities,

I wonder

If anything can grow now

From this blood-soaked ground

Around the tree of life.

I wonder

If those who come

After us

Will have much better

In their own lives.

I wonder

If grass

And flowers

Will grow

Alongside their feet

As I hope they’ll dance together,

Hand in hand,

Around the tree of life.

I hope we’ll take action now

To be better.

So that

This blood-soaked,

Oppressive ground

Around the tree of life

Will be the soil

Of their much brighter future...

As we remember

Those downtrodden

And fallen

Whom we failed.

social commentary

Anthony Cornatzer

An actor, technician, singer, musician, writer, and journalist, Anthony Cornatzer is a senior pursuing a BA double major in Theatre Performance and Media Production, as well as a minor in Writing, at Stockton University, New Jersey.

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Anthony Cornatzer
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