Down the steep dark rabbit hole


So there at 3 AM our eyes meet,

In a space so hidden, not even we knew where we stood,

It was just a space to be free,

Knowing he couldn’t, but wishing he would,

Shedding every layer of reality,

Growing stronger together,

Deeper and deeper into the trance,

Controlled by the eyes and the dance,

Moving closer and closer,

Our demons took over,

Undressing each other to the core,

A sweet sadness looking in his eyes filled with desire,

Eternally yearning for more and more,

Craving you with every fiber,

Feeling love in the purest form,

Bottled up lust growing undone,

A pocket of tranquility in the middle of the storm,

Two silhouettes merging as one,

Down the steep dark rabbit hole,

Heartbeats syncing to the DJ’s liking, him and me,

Frozen in time he consumed my soul,

Rotting his brain of regular functionality,

Sitting back inspired by you,

Thoughts unable to roam free,

Forgetting the cold cruel reality that was approaching,

The rising sun planting hopelessness,

Breaking eye contact, we were smoking,

Cravings, not even this poem does justice,

The haunting rays cut through me like blades,

As it all goes up in flames,

After all what’s a film without a twist in the plot,

A director without his desired shot,

Then I end up at the top,

Of the cliff and jump into that dark purple space,

As she ties up his wrists with her weights,

Same poem, different place,

Same story, different face.

surreal poetry
Talya Menase
Talya Menase
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