Hello, My Friend


Hello, my friend,

I know you wanna spend all your bread.

All your blood, sweat, and tears

Into more than just rent.

You wanna cop a suit, cop a coupe,

Cop some new rims.

The only thing I suggest is to save for the end

You gotta daughter, and she a lil older than ten.

She's on her way to college,

Yet she wanna stunt on her friends.

She wanna loan to keep her good

And keep her well fed.

She’s coming home, her break’s begun

Prepare for the end.

She gotta man

She met him in the back of a van,

Poppin’ Xans, sipping Coronas, rolling blunts

Off her diploma living life like she wanna.

No daddy around,

She plotted her death cleverly while her pops

Ain’t around.

She had a seizure, the very next day your baby

Girl was on the sofa,

Lying in a coma.

She was barely breathing,

Her eyes rolled back and her momma started


Man, what a tragedy.

sad poetry
Anthony Ferreira
Anthony Ferreira
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Anthony Ferreira

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