Toxic City

In heart lane

Toxic City

I really don't know how I found myself here

But I am more worried about why I can't leave

As toxic as a German beer

Drunk while driving through this pain to Oak creek

I came here with so much hope

And now I scream without a note

Searching for someone to save me, wanting to leave

While stabbing my ear, not wanting to listen

I hate it and love it at the same time

I love him and hate him at the same time

How could this be love?

But how could it not?

I try to pack my bags and leave

Somehow I find myself, retracing to the beginning

You plucked my petals, you held the stem

You never watered it and here we are

I made a choice, though it may seem wrong

But this is where the trail led me, wrong turns

What we had..No..What we thought we had

Let the Orb get into session

I let you control me, it was your game play

You killed me off, every single chance you got

You made me bleed, while trying to stitch me up

I bled, day and ....and.......night

What more do you want?!!

What more do I want?!!

What is this?!!

Where are we?!!

I try to avoid your dings

But my hand still itches away with response

I can't take it anymore

Let me go!

Maybe it isn't you, maybe it is this place

This vicinity twirling us in mind games

Maybe this was where our love was born

So maybe it was only real in mind

I may scream, I may regret

Truth is, and I say this with great fear

I still love you, I still care

You still love me? I need proof and specs

I need to see the sunlight, I need to feel the rain

I need to know what happiness is once again

I don't want to get used to blurred mascara on my face

Crying for someone who doesn't even know how my lips taste

Crying for someone who doesn't know me

Crying for someone who loves to see me in pain

Crying for someone who doesn't care for my health

How can you love me in stealth?

I found an escape route, I am taking it

The road would be rough, no kidding

But if it grants my freedom, am taking it

It's time I left this toxic city

You should too, I wish you well

Find healing for yourself as well

Tell your donors, they are diss with grace

Goodbye , oh Wall of Tar,. till we meet again

surreal poetry
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