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Tough Ties

Dealing with Challenges in the Relationship

By Sasi KalaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Tough Ties
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

In shadows cast by a mother-in-law's disdain,

Cruelty blooms, a thorny garden of endless pain.

Her words, a chilling wind that bites and stings,

Through twisted vines, a toxic bitterness clings.

By Fernando @cferdophotography on Unsplash

In every glance, a judgment, sharp and cold,

A narrative of cruelty, callously told.

A daughter-in-law, entangled in a web,

Woven by a mother-in-law's disdainful ebb.

By Mark Stoop on Unsplash

Yet, amidst the darkness, resilience finds a way,

To navigate the cruelty, to endure each day.

For in the heart's refuge, a strength does swell,

A silent rebellion against the oppressive spell.

By Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

In this harsh symphony, a woman stands tall,

Defying the cruelty, reclaiming her own call.

For every woman, courage holds her hand,

In life's journey, she's a resilient, steadfast stand.

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About the Creator

Sasi Kala

I'm Sasikala, a poet crafting emotions into beautiful words, painting tales of natrue, love, strength, and the human adventure with each poem.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran30 days ago

    And that is why I'll never get married. I don't wanna deal with mother-in-laws hehehe. Loved your poem!

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