Touched by an Angel

Birth of a Seed

Touched by an Angel

In two thousand and fourteen

the birth of a seed,

angel descend from the heaven

in the arms of the queen

nestled softly in her blankets

after nine months of carriage,

who would have known

been bestowed, the honor of parent

some might take that gift for granted

neglecting the blessing,

run the wild aimlessly

despite their perfection

now i sit here and ponder

on how something so beautiful,

present you with a radiant smile

thats so unusual

im not worthy of such a gift

but Gods timing is perfect,

dont care what the sheeps say

many said i am worthless

and not worth their time

and all that other garbage to spite me,

but i held my head up

and moved on without worrying

i will be the best father

that i could possibly be,

i never said perfect

cause thats highly unlikely

i gazed into her brown eyes

similar to her mothers,

and shedded a couple of tears

and told her i loved her

Youre the only two people

that i need in my life,

my beautiful baby girl

and most importantly my wife

i'll protect you althroughout

the time that im here,

and tell about the world

that theres nothing to fear

the only thing that frightens me

is giving you away,

to another man that loves you

one that won't lead you astray

it wouldn't matter his ethnicity

cause your half yourself,

i would teach about morals

and respecting yourself

My beautiful angel

Daddy loves you to death,

the umbrella to your storms

until im laid to rest

surreal poetry
Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Davis
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