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Written by J. Montes

By Joshua Montes Published 3 years ago 1 min read

At home,

On my own.

My hands reaching out,

To touch the painting that sits before me.

The colors that make it,

And bring it to life,

Make me think of a place,

Where my senses can feel.

Do you feel what’s before you?

The earth and the sand?

Stop for a moment and look at your hand.

See the lines and the scars,

The tips and the hairs,

The things you were given to feel the air.



Close your eyes and then pause.

Feel the air,

Wave your hand back and forth to see what is there.

See with your hands and not your eyes.

Have no worry,

They will not disguise.

There is no façade,

No illusion they bring.

For they are there to show you what is present.

The feeling of touch is a present.

And we take it for granted.

We wash it away thinking to feel

Is weakness.

But the touch that we have,

Extends further than our reach.

Put your hands down,

And think of the ocean.

Do you see a beach?

What emotion do you have?

When this image has come.

Do you feel at all?

Or have you aloud your feelings to become washed away?

Do you have any nerve?

Any feeling at all?

Do your nerves exist?

Do they help you feel when you fall?

Or have you fallen so far?

Do you not care at all?

How big have we become to remove our souls from ourselves?

To allow ourselves to feel nothing whatsoever.

How much will it take for you to reach out?

How much longer will you continue to put up a face?

Or have you lost touch?

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About the Creator

Joshua Montes

I started writing a few years ago to curb my emotions. I used to be an angry person that would break things and punch walls. I found writing to be a productive way to deal and express my emotions. Short stories and poems are what I love

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