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by Amanda meadows 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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A Paranoid Poem

Photo by Isabelle Kompass on Unsplash

Whispers in my head, I hear it all so clearly

Negativity in my brain, bordering on weary

Enemy caught me when I was very weak

Tortured me for the treasure that they sought to seek

Vigil I remained, though I admit that they were close

To destroying what I had that was saving me the most

Then I remember in that moment, that I am stronger than I think

So I started focusing on the other side of the chain link

It keeps me strong, it keeps me sane, it keeps me going, it keeps me trained

And so the enemy caught me, but I got out of their trap

Now I know where they're hiding, I got them marked on my map

You'd think that I'd call out the troops to take them by siege

Arrest them, detain them, make them my liege

Treat them like dirt, torture and maim

Paybacks a bitch and all for my pain

But thats not how I roll, for if I did I'd be them

Blood on my hands and brazen in sin.

surreal poetry

About the author

Amanda meadows

Recovering addict, dog mom, lgbtqt, advocate for the incarcerated

future cosmetologist, student, artist, poet

lover, fighter, rebel, guardian

These are the words I use to describe me, my life and my journey, because my story is similar to urs

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