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by Lita about a year ago in sad poetry
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[sexual abuse poem]

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

How did it feel,

when you tore into my flesh?

With you inside,

my body went into unrest

and so I tried,

to forgive and to forget,

but no, I can't forget this, I can't forget...

the way you told me everything was gonna be alright

the way you told me things were fine, just close your eyes

"Oh darling you're so beautiful, darling you're so beautiful,"

you're saying as you won't let go...

How could I believe that you were here for me, that we were friends?

I never thought it'd be like this

You told me to just come inside, it'd be like other times

we used to have when things were fine

How did it feel,

to see the pain inside my eyes?

With you inside,

I felt the aching in my thighs

and when I cried, I told myself this wasn't real

I never knew that I could feel so all alone...

sad poetry

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Lita / 27 / INFP, Enneagram 4 ♉🍄

IG: @2lita 🍨🍰

I'm a nerdy stoner poet🎮📚who loves to write about anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.🥰 I'm obsessed with art and music,🎨🎹 and I'm a total conspiracy creep!!😈👽

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