Too Little

This World Is, It Seems

Too Little

This world is too little for me.

Too little for my love.

Too little for my thought.

Too little for care.

Too little for my renaissance.

Too little for my mindset.

Too little for




Too little for my depth.

I don't fit in, in this world.

I don't belong here.

I feel as if I was born into the complete wrong era,

whether it be much later or much before.

Most of the time I believe much before.

This world is full of escapism.

Sex, drugs, intoxication, dependency, attachment,

pacifiers of all sorts.

The limits of this world, mentally and emotionally, make me uncomfortable.

This world tries to ban everything they feel or think with a wide range of physicality of actions,

perhaps that is the only endless bar, of how to do so.

Forget, stuff, snort, burry, drown.

Love is coveted but rarely ever achieved, even so, it is thrown away.

No one minds each other anymore in the manner they should.

They judge and speak and act harshly towards one another without any trace of empathy or thought before.

Which often leads to body counts or body bags.

Everything I dream,


or question is discouraged because not everyone is capable of thinking in the way that I do.



and intellect is discouraged in the worst way,

by being unaccepted and outcasted.

Being real is something only heard of in children's books,

fairy tales aren't even read anymore,

no one knows the classics.

To simplify,

so the public of this world better understands me,

humanity is lost.

All these humans are becoming something other than what humans are known for.

Something we've proven time over and over with our goodness within our niche.

Within our build as a species, our mental biology.

We used to be good, wholesome, thinkers who cared about the world and society we dwell in.

I am too human.

This world does not represent humanity in the way it was rationally admired.

This world is too little for any form of humanity.

This world is too little for me.

And for those who have read this far, This world is probably too little for you too, my dear.

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S.G. Hill
S.G. Hill
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