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Tongue-in-Cheek PRIDE

by Emma Edwins (R.T. Edwins) 2 months ago in social commentary
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Why I don't go to PRIDE

Invites and encouragement I declined,

Confused expressions are what I find,

From youthful exuberance eager to go,

And watch the corporate pageantry all for show,

Not knowing what I’ve come to see,

After so many years being this “new” me,

They still think their authenticity fights,

A machine of politics and blinking lights,

But I know something that they don’t,

That their gender expression won’t,

Be the thing that keeps them employed,

Or protects them from hopes destroyed,

When through smiling teeth and convincing lies,

Phobic corporate drones, their promotion denies,

So when they ask me why I don’t go to pride,

I’m faced with a difficult choice to decide,

Do I tell them the truth that they’ll come to find?

Or tell a half-truth I hope they don’t see behind?

Compassion tells me that they deserve to know,

But compassion tells me not to dim their glow,

“I just don’t like the crowds anymore”

Is what I say and hope to shut the door,

On this conversation I didn’t ask to be part of,

And they seem content with my answer, sort of.

And now the weekend has come and gone,

And all the corporate campaigns are done,

It’s back to the regular business week,

With all it’s phobic tongue-in-cheek,

Of why that person got the job I desired,

And how the best candidate was who got hired,

Trying hard to ignore the painful fact,

Of this deck of cards, against me stacked,

Never mind that I was more qualified,

Because I’m expected to remain dignified,

As I pour over their resume completely dull,

Knowing that mine was twice as full,

So while they share excited stories about parades,

I am forced to choose between quitting and charades,

Do I remain in this job I’ve come to love,

Knowing the discrimination coming from above,

Or do I try to find another employer,

Where being transgender isn’t a career destroyer?

Maybe one of those sponsor corporations,

And hope they weren’t just there for public relations.

social commentary

About the author

Emma Edwins (R.T. Edwins)

Novelist, blogger, poet, and therapist.

Author of the "Chariots of Heaven" sci-fi series; "There is nothing to be afraid of" exploring transgender bathroom politics; and "The truth will set you free" exploring coming out as transgender.

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Comments (6)

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  • AGBabout a month ago

    Wow, very nice!

  • Stephen Green2 months ago

    The pain and emotion in this poem is palpable. Well written and very compelling.

  • LilyRose2 months ago


  • Irene Mielke2 months ago

    You're really good at writing. You caught my attention the whole way through your poem.

  • Call Me Les2 months ago

    This is an excellent contest entry. I'm starting to think these works should be bundled and distributed to the corporations that are fairweather friends instead of true allies. The job that deserves you is out there. Until then, the community here is grateful you're a part of it. I hope you visit Vocal Social Society for Poetry Weekend. Cheers Xx

  • Michele Hardy2 months ago

    This was beautiful. And also so deeply sad because of its truth.

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