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Tomorrow I will finally give my dad what he deserves

Tomorrow I will finally give my dad what he deserves

By sagar dhitalPublished 29 days ago 1 min read

My dad never bought anything for himself. He has been through a lot, work and the working hours are very hard. All my life I only saw him spending all of his money for my mum, my siblings and me. My dad would never buy himself new clothes, wears clothes for longer than 20 years. He always had the oldest phone in my family. He even bought my mom her dream car. I‘m being honest, I also grew up very spoiled. For college, I got a laptop, an iPad and for my 18th birthday I got a car.

But I never took anything for granted. Instead, I started to feel bad. My dad could never invest in his dreams because he would spend all his money on us. Sometimes, when money was already running tight, he would still offer me money.

I know that my dad wants a laptop for quite some time now. He keeps looking online at laptops but never buys them because he would never buy something nice for himself. I‘m a broke student. For 2 years, I have been saving up money every month to buy my dad a very nice laptop.

The laptop will arrive tomorrow and I‘m so excited to gift it to my dad. Finally, he gets a gift that he deserves. I will finish college soon and I want to gift him so many more things.

I grew up spoiled but now I want to spoil my dad. I‘m just so utterly thankful to him. I love you dad.


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sagar dhital

I'm a creative writer in the way that I write. I hold the pen in this unique and creative way you've never seen. The content which I write... well, it's still to be determined if that's any good.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran28 days ago

    This was so touching and emotional. Your dad would be so happy!

SDWritten by sagar dhital

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