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Tommy and the Sharks

by Paul Douglas 2 months ago in surreal poetry

A Little Boys Delight

Tommy and the Sharks
Photo by Michal Ico on Unsplash

We had always dreamed, my wife and I

Since we forged our bond, in matrimony

To have our lives blessed, with more than us two

And to live long lives, with our own family.


We tried three long years, and then three more

But no babies came along, it just wasn’t to be

We struggled and tried to support one another

But we couldn’t have a child, no matter our plea.


We loved and adored, one another

And so much pressure wasn’t helping anyone

And so after six years of marriage

We accepted the inevitable, lest or union come undone.


Strangely, I find, when you want something so bad

Dreams don’t always come true, and life can be sad

But when the pressure is off, and when you again live full of cheer

Maybe, just maybe, miracles can appear.


I met with a friend, who asked tactfully

If we still wanted our own, little family

With a coy nod and a blush, she said gracefully,

You should go see, an adoption agency.


I talked to my wife who immediately agreed

We have an abundance of love, and joy to set free

On the love and the nurture, of a child of our own

We three would complete each other, thus filling our void.


So three years and a day, from our first application

The adoption agency rang with good news

A child that needed much care and attention

Was ready for us to go and pick up.


Now nothing in life is as easy as it’s portrayed

And our journey to our child had many delays

Tests and paperwork and many disappointments

But as we drove to our child we knew it was worth it.


When little Tommy came out to see us

Four years old, brunette, my wife he incredibly resembled

We loved him from our first meeting that day

So anxious to care for him, I trembled.

By Elisabeth Wales on Unsplash

He was happy from the start, I’m happy to say

And we fitted around him, in every way

Such a little boy, with such a big heart

But he would never talk, he would simply play.


He smiled and he laughed, it’s strange but true

But he wouldn’t speak, and sometimes seemed blue

And so to ease his transition into his new family

We decided to treat him to a trip to the zoo.


Tommy happily took in all the sights and sounds

Of the animals and the birds, as we walked around

He looked happy but didn’t speak to me or my wife

So we decided to take him to the zoo underground.


For this was where the aquarium could be found

My own favourite place, in this entire park

As a child, I loved to take in the underwater scenes

And so I was delighted when he pointed and said Shark!


The first word he spoke since our two became three

And little Tommy became the centre of our family

To hear this beautiful sound, his first word to us

Our dreams became real, not some sort of fantasy.


His little eyes lit up when I pointed out the sharks

And told Tommy their names and what they're about

Here a Smallspotted Catshark, and there an Epaulette, plus many more

From that day to this, that aquarium is our favourite hangout.

By David Clode on Unsplash

And Tommy, he speaks fluently and on every subject

He laughs, and he cries, and storms in and out

In short, he is just like any other happy child

The one little boy we couldn’t live without.


And sharks, Oh! the sharks

He still loves them so

He’s got Tee-Shirts and picture books and toy sharks too

They are his love and his life and thus my own life too

For saving his speech, well for that I love them too!

surreal poetry

Paul Douglas

I have always loved to write, especially poems and short stories. I also have an abiding love for technology and gaming. I love to share my outlook with others.

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Paul Douglas
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