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Maybe dreams are trapped screams

By Amy LovettPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by Stephany Lorena on Unsplash

I watch from above

As the knife pierces flesh

My screams fill the air

But only in my mind

I am a ghost, a mist

She is solid

“She is not me!”

I shout into a vacuum

She looks skyward

I see she wears my face, my style

Her rage fills the space in between

Her victim a crumbled heap

Breathing ragged gasps

Her movements are cacophony

Stabbing the air

Mocking my silence

I try to stop her

I press with all my might

Effortlessly she walks forth

Unnoticed, I stumble backwards

Her rage like a wave

Washes over me

I stand with strength

Stepping back in her way

I reach forward as she strides

Wrapping her in my embrace

Her shaking shoulders

Start to steady

I awaken peaceful

My voice no longer silent

My movement visible once more

Broken pieces acknowledged

surreal poetry

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Amy Lovett

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