To the People that Think Bullying Is Dead

by Jessica Paxton about a year ago in sad poetry

No More

To the People that Think Bullying Is Dead

I didn’t know.

I didn’t know her.

I didn’t know what happened.

I didn’t know.

I walked up to the school,

I had to pick up a book-

My friend came out running-

And told me what happened.

“Be careful,” She said

“There’s a lot of fights-”

“One of the freshmen girls

“Committed suicide last night.”

My heart clenched in shock,

I didn’t know what to say.

I simply hugged her back,

And said “Okay”.

I walked into the building,

It felt like hallowed ground.

The hallways were empty,

As I looked all around.

I went to my teacher’s room,

The air was thick and silent-

She gave me back the book-

With a broken smile defiant.

It wasn’t until later,

As I sat chatting with a neighbor-

That I found out that little girl,

Had not had many people in her favor.

She was bullied,

With words as weapons

And God if it hadn’t been for that-

She’d be standing her before us.

From freshman year

To my last school day-

A student has died,

Leaving behind an empty space.

Three suicides in four years,

Leaving all of us shaken,

With nothing but

Tears and fears.

“Whose next?”

“Will this be the year?”

“Can we make it this semester?”

“Without losing a peer?”

I’m so sick of death,

In this little community.

It seems everywhere I turn,

There’s the death of a young person.

They had their whole lives ahead,

With opportunities abound,

But someone came forward,

And pushed them to the ground.

Don’t you see?

Your words have power

For God’s sake,

They could save or end one’s life!

How can you consciously

Go on with bullying-

Knowing you hold that much power

In the emotion of your words?

For some, they will never learn their lesson.

They will go through life with pessimism.

But today, I beg of you hearing this-

Don’t let this story fall on deaf ears!

How many more times will we lose those we love?

How many more times, must we watch the fights?

How many more times will we let the days fly by?

How many more times must we see them die?!

No more.

I said it.

No more.

Just, listen.

They were just kids,

With their whole lives in front of them-

They had nothing to lose,

And nothing to prove.

But the words of others

Became weapons to their hearts.

Each insult like a bullet,

Until they hit their mark.

And now we suffer

The consequences

Of these children saying

‘No more, I can’t go on’.

Who will you let be

The next lost victim?

Which one of us,

Is the next to step up?

I don’t have a concrete answer-

I’m no doctor of therapist-

But the power of words-

Is something I know a little of.

So, my friends,

I implore you today.

Keep your eyes peeled

For any pain in our peers today.

If you witness bullying,

Step up to the plate.

They may try to hurt you-

They may succeed.

But the life you save,

And the heart you heal-

Far outweighs the lies

And ‘sticks and stones’.

An act of kindness

Would gladly suffice,

A smile or a grin,

Can brighten days dim.

Spread love

And not hate.

Be kind,

And have courage.

Stand up for the little guys,

And comfort the weary.

Be a shoulder to cry on,

Or an ear to listen to.

Do all of this,

And you might change someone’s life.

You might make them pause and say-

“Maybe this world is suffice?”

“Maybe it’s worth sticking around.”

“Maybe I can root this kindness into the ground.”

“Maybe love is real?”

“And maybe this pain doesn’t get my life to steal.”

Love and words are powerful,

As weapons of destruction-

And ways of disarmament.

So please, use them carefully.

Save a life,

Love on someone-

Don’t create anymore hate.

Or it could be you who has the next terrible fate.

So again, I pray you-

For the sake of these kids.

Be kind and courageous

And try not to have fits.

You never know what’s going on

To the person sitting next to you.

So flash a warm smile,

And invite them to stay around for a while.

Don’t let them be the next peer

We lose to pain and fear.

Just a little love,

Can be more than enough.

And don’t forget those we lost,

Let their memories live on.

Remember the good,

Don’t forget the bad.

Make this world brighter,

Not for yourself-

But for them.

And the next generations ahead.

Be an Anne Frank

In a world full pain.

Be a Rachel Scott

And start a kindness chain.

Don’t let this light fade,

Let it grow big,

Let it grow bright-

So maybe they will see it

While in Heaven’s light.

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