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To someone

by Élodie Fotso 2 months ago in social commentary
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What I feel for you

It's easy to judge people,

When you don't know how they feel.

To advise without really knowing their burdens

Today I decide to follow my advice

That is, confess myself

I love everything about you

I like the way you say "I got you"

I like the way you say "My bad"

I love all the features of your face

I like the way you talk

I like the sound of your voice.

I hate covid- 19

for preventing me from seeing your face

I would say everything is physical between us

But if you want it could become more intimate

But I would be afraid, the day you allow yourself to love me

I become a shadow in your eyes

I will hate the fact to be with you

you will have to discover the true perception of me

You will have to realize who I am

That the person I show you

Is the one i think you want

I created a shell to please you

To make you smile

To make you love me

I will destroy myself to build a smile on your face

I will never allow myself to show you the real person that I am

Because you would find me boring

I don't promise you a marriage, a family or childrens

Ironically we only spoke for about an Hours

But I promise you 1hrs 1 days 1 years or even more

Of pure prior, emotional enjoyment

You will surely forget these moments

but…. I won't

I allow myself feeling this for you

Because I imagine us in a teenage movie

Loving each other

But lacking of courage to reveal our feelings

Deep within us

I know that I am neither physically or emotionally your type

But I allow myself to dream of us

I also know that the minute you will give me a beat of yours

I will,

I would want to fight all your battles

I wouldn't like to love you, because it is impossible for me

But just to be a bed on which you can lay down and cry

And express all your feelings

Be the person you need

Be there

A person with whom you want more but doesn't allow yourself

I know I'm dreaming we only spoke once

And I don't remember your names but just your face

If you don't feel anything for me ignore these message and live your life

Fly away like a butterfly that no longer remembers its caterpillar life

But don't let me feel your lack

Because it will destroy me for a while

to know that you don't feel the same

But I would get over it

You told me you like 2pac

I told you I like writing and reading,

you told me that 2pac's music is a poem

I then decide to write myself into a poem

for you

To please you

Cause I know you like poems

because I think you would like this poem not me

I know,

I read too many story’s

enough to write Ours

if you allow me to

If you don't remember me

after reading these poem

There is no point in

wanting to see me

Imaging my face

Telling yourself I love this girl

creating feelings that don't exist

Cause your love my talent not me

If you remember me but don't want anything

Ignore these message

But if not,

write to me

Talk to me

Enjoy been with me

It is not a love poem

Even tho it may seem to be one

It is a revelation

Of my feeling

social commentary

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Élodie Fotso

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