To Pimp a Caterpillar

Give Me Butterflies

To Pimp a Caterpillar

To the caterpillar that didn’t become a butterfly.

I applaud you for defying the laws of nature — becoming who your are and not what the world views you as.

Ever since you came out of your cocoon, I’ve always believed you were my sunshine,

The radiant rays you produced made me fein for your warmth.

Watching your light crack through the barriers of your cocoon.

As an earthquake would to concrete.

Your heels would do to a quiet room.

I viewed you as my sun — constantly blessing me with light.

Feeding me energy as I praised a goddess. But my foolish mortal eyes were not capable of viewing you as what you really were.

I’m unworthy.

The Sun doesn’t discriminate on who it shines upon.

Incapable of deciding who to give its unconditional love.

I was unaware of what you were until you struck me...

As the sun burns — you scorched love on my chest.

Leaving scars as if lighting scraped the earth

It makes sense why my molecules jump jubilantly in the hours of what used to be ours.

A jubilee so beautifully my heart skipped beats rhythmically to the sounds of unwanted love songs.

I could cry about it.

A cry so loud it would break the day, turning it to night.

Second to only God with its thunderous might.

Should lighting strike twice let it hit me where it left its mark on me the first time.

Deepening my wound.

Only to be used in the remembrance of you,

For to show my love, I’ll be struck ten thousand times over if it means we’ll break out this cocoon.

To see your wings flutter, as my heart does

Shaking your head in disbelief, amazing for what once was,

Is never no more because you withstood it all.

As I lie waiting in my cocoon, convincing myself,

It’s better to have seen a butterfly than to have never flown at all.

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The Freewill (RDW)
The Freewill (RDW)
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The Freewill (RDW)

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There’s no one way to live nor there one way to be

So in all things be you and in all ways be Free

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