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To Feed My Eyes

by Mirrelle Beneffitte 4 months ago in heartbreak · updated 4 months ago
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To S.

Photo by Damiano Baschiera on Unsplash

You wanted to erase my memory

From the sights dear to me

Captured on photographs

From our trip

Horrendous Park with squirrels

Cinema with a movie you didn’t care about

Loud snoring in a chair

With people staring in the eyes

Whilst I enjoyed it thoroughly

Without an eye blinking

Then a ship cruise

To the other side

Was it rain or was it my tears

That scared you away?

Or my bad behaviour

Around your disinterest

In my world?

So, the best escape

Was a physical love

Routine for you, for me

Allocation of torment

Of your machine

How stupid I was, insecure

Made of too many impractical frivolities

Causing my pain and suffering

Unfulfilled role

Begging for attention

But it was left without a mention

On the ground

Near a freshly dug grave


18 October 2021

revised on 18 January 2022


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Mirrelle Beneffitte

Creative Writer based in UK; BA Cultural Studies

Whatever I experience or encounter matters, the rest is objective.

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