To Burn the Earth

A Cleansing Fire

To Burn the Earth

It is gone.

Condemned to flames,

For they were wrong.

The world was wrong, and we were not,

For from their thoughts they sought

To rule the earth.

But as a fire upon the hearth,

It burns.

It burns away the lingering pain,

And at the end a cleansing rain

Shall tumble down upon us all.

The world will fall.

The earth will burn,

And death shall come.

Emotions churn

And to them we shall succumb.

But through this trial of fire we see

That humankind is finally free.

Thomas Sebacher
Thomas Sebacher
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Thomas Sebacher

A fiction writer and editorialist from the Midwest who writes poetry, short stories, and non-fiction. I provide leftist views and social commentaries upon wealth class, and equality.

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