To Break

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Is it Worth It?

To Break

an infinity before you.

yet you feel trapped in the past?

there you stood,

sure you’d never go back to that place.

that place you can’t associate yourself with even though

it’s your own flesh.

do not worry they said.

it’s as easy as just choosing to not let it confine you.

your past has shaped your future


but you don’t want to be seen as clay

previous of the liquid dreams you make out to be stone

hardened by fire only to….


is it worth it?

in twenty years there’ll be no question.

as you look back with tousled hair and certain eyes.

when you look back on everything you've done

and what you've become

there will be no question:

it was worth it because you were worth it.

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I'm really looking forward to exploring this form of output and myself. Hope you can relate.

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