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Tiny Blue

by Brendan De Lucia 7 months ago in slam poetry


Tiny Blue
Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

I have disconnected my connection

to cope with this depression.

I have given my possessions

as payments for learning lessons.

Barking at the moon for a smile,

a silver, mighty crescent.

Descendant of a king with

the blood of a mighty peasant.

Kin to a Queen who’s ruling

was far from pleasant.

The best day of my life

was the day she became pregnant.

Decorated histories.

Lost and abandoned mysteries.

Humans are the human versions of

chickens stuck inside of earth’s rotisserie.

I can see fire in the horizon.

Chemical reactions of

dreams and advertisements.

Momentary silence.

Military sirens.

Incorporates lions.

My sandwich is Hawaiian.

A giant needs his guidance.

Poseidon needs his trident.

The people need a tyrant.

An island needs a pirate.

A virus needs our science.

The answer is alliance.

Preserve our home’s environment.

It is our retirement.

slam poetry

Brendan De Lucia

My name is Brendan De Lucia, I am from Boston MA, and I have self-published five works of poetry. Over the years, I have learned how to use my skills with poetry to help create the physical visuals needed when telling a good story.

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Brendan De Lucia
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