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The Tasmanian Tiger

By Josh ClementsPublished 4 months ago β€’ Updated 4 months ago β€’ 1 min read
Postcard of 'Tasmanian Marsupial Wolf' - the Thylacine. Hobart Zoo c. 1928 (G.P. Whitley Papers Australian Museum Archives) - Image Harry Burrell, Public Domain

Walking in Cradle mountain,

The Southern point,

Of the Southerlty world.

I see the Echidna,

The Wallaby, and

Tasmanian Devils,

Lumbering in the bush.

And a duck-billed platypus


As it slips below the water.

In the oceans by St Helen’s,

Dolphin and seals abound.


I wander without,

Over wetlands, grasslands,

rivers and lakes.

I wonder why I wander,

What this could do without.


For a moment, a shadow,

A passing rustle,

A stolen glance.

For will I see it,

Even by night,

Or will a rock painting,

Spring it back to life.


My joy is bleak,

The jungle bare,

As a Thylacine,

A Tasmanian Tiger,

Greets me in my sleep.

For when I awake

In an empty land,

There are no tigers there.

I feel as exitinct,

But not as rare.

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Josh Clements

Known to scribble away at my fantasy novel, screenplays, poems and short stories.

Tastes may vary.

Twitter: @JoshuaClements89

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  • liell4 months ago

    Thylacines: almost as rare as a pencil case

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