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Thru the looking glass...

by Kenneth cruz 7 days ago in surreal poetry

A deeper glance at reality: By Ken Cruz

Reality shifts moment to moment...

I swear I see something deeper beneath the surface...

But can’t expose it..

So instead I hold it..

Somewhere within

Like some strange tryst I had with sin

Telling no one

Hoping it will go away

But day after day

I feel like I’m the one who gets played

For observers I’m misportrayed

Lost to something I can’t explain

What’s real in a moment

Can change without notice

And since they didn’t notice they won’t condone it

And when I find that feeling I just want to hold it

But sometimes it feels God just won’t let me own it

If not but for a moment

Like a free sample when I’m hungry and out of money

I can savor but a taste

A morsel or bliss

But it’s like the greater satisfaction will not exist

Still I persist trying to explain this

If I was a bird I’d fly away and never look back

Find a new track

A simpler way to get thru my days

I’d soak up the suns rays

And feast from gods garden everyday

I’d never look back and it would be simple as that

Instead I’m a great ship

The mighty titanic anchored somewhere with promises of wealth and bliss ...

Im strong mighty and hold on to this

But sometimes I ask myself why I even exist

I feel a tug of war for my soul

And I question my goals

I play pretend and act like one of the zombies and blend

But then my heartaches and something in my soul tries to wake

surreal poetry
Kenneth cruz
Kenneth cruz
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Kenneth cruz
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