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Through the Eyes of a Child

a view of the world from a child's perspective

By Anne & AnamesaPublished 10 months ago 2 min read
Through the Eyes of a Child
Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash

As I wandered through the world one day,

I came upon a child at play.

With wonder in their eyes, they roamed,

Exploring all the senses known.

With tiny fingers, the child reached,

To touch the world, and learn, and teach.

The sense of touch was new and bright,

As they felt the world with all their might.

From rough and smooth to hot and cold,

The child's senses began to unfold.

They pressed their hands against the bark,

Of a tree, and felt the roughness stark.

The grass beneath their toes was new,

As they wriggled them to feel the dew.

Each sensation, fresh and pure,

Filled the child with a sense of allure.

The sense of smell then caught their nose,

As fragrances drifted through their clothes.

The scent of flowers, fresh and sweet,

Filled the child with an air of complete.

From lavender to jasmine blooms,

Their nose became a sensory room.

The aroma of fresh-baked bread,

Brought forth a smile, the child's face lit.

The sense of taste was next in line,

As the child's tongue began to dine.

Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami,

Each flavor was like a symphony.

The taste of a lemon made them pucker,

While sugar's sweetness made them hover.

The bitterness of coffee made them wince,

As they savored each and every sense.

The sense of hearing, too, was there,

As the child stopped to listen and stare.

The rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds,

All around them, the world spoke in words.

The sound of laughter, the hum of bees,

The creak of branches, the rustle of leaves,

Each note, a harmony of sound,

Filled the child's world, both near and around.

And last but not least, the sense of sight,

As the child took in the world's full might.

From bright blue skies to golden rays,

The world before them, a wondrous display.

The child's eyes were filled with light,

As they gazed upon the world so bright.

The colors danced before their eyes,

In a magical display of surprise.

From red to blue, to green and gold,

Each hue was like a story told.

The world before them, a masterpiece,

Of colors, sounds, smells, and peace.

And as I watched the child explore,

Each sense, so new, so pure, and more,

I too, felt a sense of delight,

As if I saw the world in a new light.

For in the child's eyes, I could see,

The magic of the world, so free,

As if each sense was a treasure trove,

A wonderland of senses to behold.

And so, I learned from the child that day,

To explore each sense in every way,

To see the world with a child's eye,

And feel its magic, before it passes by.

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Anne & Anamesa

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