Through the Endeavor

A Poem on Your Mind and Heart Fighting for Your Footsteps Through Life

Through the Endeavor

I see the distant vision and wonder

of the near and far world of mine and others

In that moment wonder of reality is non existent but to care doth I shan't reach

Sometime I not think of beyond not close to I and we

The sound rings in the cranium

The wonder fades but I don't recall

The sound and the feeling wraths the presence

The real is visable the wonder is gone

I stop the sound

A pointless self ridden state is lived

The sound again rings to me

“Live!” It calls, “Live!”

I stop the sound

A fool am I, I desire more time.

I scream silently

The outside calls me now

The sound was a mere preparation for the out

I lie not floating, not weightless like before, only existing

My world and the world clash

Knights fight all and kings fall,

Daily battles are pointless,

more preparation was needed

The world calls to me:

“Live! Live fool!”

I need to live, to live and live

The sound tells me to live

I get in my way

I look to the world to say

“Move aside, for I need to live when we all know that I already live.”

I get in my way

I stand up. In the world I go

I go to the place of preparation

I look back to my old location thinking of the wonder and depth.

I return, but the world calls out:

“Not again you fool! You begin but you do not listen? Look to the beyond! Not now!

I hear not the world but I…

I look to the sky when I go down again

I look to the sky but I know what is above, I not know what it means

I rise again up and higher

I prepare again

I start to start

Almost complete

The wonder calls to me:

“Why must you leave and go to the world? What do you desire?

I scream and tear

Why must I listen when I am I and nothing more? Not a thing can make me more

I can feel everything

The sound, the light, the fright, the terror, the wonder

I see it all

I feel it all

I hear colors and see sound when the wonder is alive

But I am not alive when the wonder lives

I desire to be, but that path is not for me

Perseverance is key

It is in my hand but I have not put the key in the door to open it

I scream,

Survive! Fight! Survive! Fight! Fight, blood, blood, and blood.

The complete is not here but I am coming like a vengeful foe

surreal poetry
Vincent Jimenez
Vincent Jimenez
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