Through My Eyes

by Mia Lynn 2 years ago in heartbreak

A Goodbye Wish

Through My Eyes

Through my eyes... ... ... I can see what you cannot. You bottle up what you should release free. You never spoke, you never opened up, you became a joke to me. For years you held your silent stance until away I finally danced.

Through my eyes... ... ... I couldn't see any wheels ever working through your mind to want to keep me. Though I could see my face getting colder at your ignorance to what would make me happy.

Through my eyes... ... ... I had been mourning for months the death of us. While your jaw was dropped trying to compute the "sudden" fuss on the day I committed a sin because with you "us" wasn't going to win.

Through my eyes... ... ... I said I was sorry. You never did. You never thought you had any fault in our downfall at all. How sweet. How sour. How in all these years prior, it was me giving up me so that you could always be you.

Through my eyes... ... ... You didn't see what was coming because of your selfish choosing, now you're confused why I'd drop a life you were fully sure I wanted. A life you never put any effort into because I was the one who pursued you. You never would have pursued me. I'm just too crazy.

Through my eyes... ... ... You need to keep your illusion of control. Disorder is a song not a lifestyle so it will always, only, be my fault, and you can remain a child. I would not choose to undo what was so meant to be done. For you were never meant to be a "we" only, always, ever just a "party of one."

Through my eyes... ... ... We should forget we ever happened as I blow you a kiss carried on a whispered goodbye wish.

Mia Lynn
Mia Lynn
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