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By SANJAI Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Creepy Story

The night was still, and all was calm,

As I walked down the deserted prom.

The moon shone bright, casting eerie light,

And in the distance, I heard a faint fright.

I turned to look, but saw nothing there,

Just shadows dancing, as if in despair.

Then a chill ran down my spine,

As I heard footsteps, keeping time.

Closer they came, with each passing breath,

And I knew then, that this was no jest.

I quickened my pace, but they followed suit,

My heart racing now, like a frenzied brute.

I turned the corner, and there he stood,

A figure in black, looking so hooded.

I froze in fear, unable to move,

As he stepped closer, with nothing to prove.

Then he spoke, in a voice so deep,

And I felt my soul, begin to weep.

"You shouldn't have come here, my friend,

For now, your life is about to end."

He lunged at me, with a knife in his hand,

But I dodged his attack, and made a stand.

We fought with fury, as time stood still,

But in the end, it was my will.

I overpowered him, and he lay there still,

But my heart was racing, like a drill.

For I knew then, that I had come so close,

To meeting death, and becoming a ghost.

slam poetry

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