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This Is a Tractor Pull

by Carrie Moran about a year ago in heartbreak


This Is a Tractor Pull

do you remember that nightwe were drinking wine in my kitchenplaying word games that started sillygot serious when it took so longjust to get through our ABCs

how by the time we got tothe middle of the alphabetthe tension was so thickthe only thing we could dowas break our bodiesagainst each otherright there in the kitchentrying not to spill the wine

how we picked back uptore through those letterswanting to winwanting to give inheaded for my bed

how I sang you to utopiaan undulation

an unusual cryescaping from your throat

somehow we kept it goingvivaciousyieldingzenith

how no matter how manyhips I've climbed sinceI can't forget this

how you made methink smile laugh crysing screamall at the same time

how nothing I find isbigger than a candle flame

how you burned my house down

Carrie Moran
Carrie Moran
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Carrie Moran

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