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Thinking About You

A Poem

By Ruth CrossPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Top Story - December 2017

I thought about you today,

but that was nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday,

and the day before that too.

I thought about the way we kissed,

you were my only one.

I thought about the way you smiled,

and how it held the sun.

I thought about your eyes,

how they had a twinkle.

And how now I feel as though,

you’ve pricked me with a spindle,

I thought about that night,

when you’re eyes grew dark and cold.

I thought about the way you looked,

as if you had no soul.

I thought about the pain,

as it blossomed through my cheek.

I thought about the way you looked at me,

and being too afraid to speak.

I thought about the the night you first pushed me away,

I thought about the way you always made me stay.

I thought about the way you made my every decision.

Every look every move, and each and every position.

Now I think about that shame, as I lay there on the floor.

Thinking about my body as I was cold and sore.

I was thinking about you, through all the pain you put me through.

I was thinking about you, how I was still in love with you.

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