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Things I wish I could say to my ex.

You left yet my heart still bleeds for you.

By Suzan ChaukePublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the depths of longing, where memories reside,

A heartfelt ache, a bittersweet tide.

I'll weave you a verse, a poem to express,

The yearning whispers of your heart's duress.

Oh, lost love, like a gentle summer breeze,

You danced into my life with effortless ease.

Your laughter, a melody, pure and serene,

In your presence, I found a love so pristine.

But time, that fickle friend, cast us apart,

Leaving an empty void, a fractured heart.

Yet, still, I miss you, my soul's dearest friend,

In every sunset's glow, on each road's bend.

The echoes of your laughter, they linger on,

Like delicate petals in the dawn's first yawn.

The warmth of your touch, like a distant ember,

Fades with each passing day, a fading member.

In dreams, we meet, in a world of solace,

A realm where love's flames never lose their promise.

But reality's grip pulls me back to the shore,

Where our love's whispers echo no more.

Though we may walk different paths in this life,

My heart's compass always leans towards your light.

For the memories we shared, I'm forever grateful,

Even if our love story remains fated and fateful.

So here's my farewell, in this poem's embrace,

A tribute to love, full of tender grace.

Though we're apart, my heart will forever miss,

The love we had, sealed with one final kiss.

May life's journey bring you endless joy and peace,

And may love's sweet whispers never cease.

Though we're apart, my heart will forever hold,

The love I feel for you, more valuable than gold.


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    SCWritten by Suzan Chauke

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