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They Say Home Is Where The Heart Is

A poem about what 'home' means to me

By Alexander BentleyPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
They Say Home Is Where The Heart Is
Photo by Brian Babb on Unsplash

They say home is where the heart is

But sometimes home lies in your dreams—

Where all the world you're not familiar with, but still love, can be seen

"It's magical", that's how I'd describe a dream

The things you've never done or been before are suddenly real

But home can also be in the ground—

Where you lay flowers to cover up the reality of what used to be

Once it was a house where everyone laughed, but now

There's nothing left behind but memories and remnants of love

Then sometimes home is in someone else's arms—

Behind a locked front door, a bedroom just for two

It's where you're safe, where you feel loved—

But it can be the opposite too

It can be the last place you'd expect

Not far from where you're standing now

You could open your eyes and find that—

Home is not a place at all

But a feeling, this is where you belong

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About the Creator

Alexander Bentley

Poet, writer and husband. Outside of Vocal, I have over 500k followers on social media. I've published 5 books and love discovering new poems and stories to read.

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