They Come in Waves...

The epitome of one's emotions

They Come in Waves...

I feel too many things

And sometimes all at once

Like an ocean

My emotions flow endlessly and deeply

I feel in the moment

And long after the moment has passed

I think a lot

And overthink too much

I think of the if’s, when’s and why’s of the world

All while maintaining my poker face

I could be thinking of how the world will end

The inexplicable moments of life and death

and you would never know

I often feel to the point of insanity

There are times where I wonder if I shall feel anything at all and times where I don’t feel enough,

Times where I feel way too much

and think way too much

What is that?

I ask myself

The emotions that flow through my body

and have the ability to set my whole mood

My emotions have the power to change time

Whether it freezes in time for a moment where I can think

Or perhaps when it moves so quickly

I instantly reach to grasp the moment of which has passed so quickly before my eyes

surreal poetry
Deneisha Davis
Deneisha Davis
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Deneisha Davis

Aspiring writer with a strong passion for journaling and reading. During my free time I like to snuggle up with a good book and get lost in between the lines of renowned literary works.

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