by Kimm Smith 2 years ago in inspirational

Animal Magick


Animals bring us into the present

We say we have no time when they choose the moment to cuddle

But if we stop and make time we will find that time is just an illusion that slows down and speeds up depending on the consciousness level in which we are currently abiding

They know nothing of deadlines and random commitments

They know they love us and they want a piece of what we hold so dear... time

And when we do stop to hold and caress them, we see that time has stalled for these moments of pure joy and love

They know by instinct that you will still write that article

Meet that client

Make that appointment

Or meet that goal

They also know that they love us and they take the time to show us

We owe them at least that for the presence they bring back into our lives

They are divinity's gift to a hurried nation

They are a revelation that we always have the time for love

They are the expression of nature itself

while with them

Holding them

Kissing them

Chatting them

Can make us better people who now know how to loosen the chains of time

How does it work?
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