These Words

Rain in Me

These Words

Drink off a Crisp Swig of Coffee

My Humility Tired Of

This Place

You Must be Tired Often A Witness to The Bargains

In Me

In My Defense I’ve Attempted to Find A Clearing to Empty My Garbage

Everything I Follow As I’m Searching For

Forever Young

This Life Isn’t a Faithful Lesson

I’m Reminded by my Frivolous


I’m In the Insecurity Loving of You

I Wanting More to Call My Demons

and Laugh

Finding Footings

Along My Mistakes

Letting The Day Make Amends As to

Open Up

Suddenly The Shadows Loves My

Openness The Time I Had in


Forgets My Toils

Forget My

Thousand Promises

Just As I Wanted More In This


Funny The Drops of Rain

In Their Washing of My

Delirious Appetite

Un-relentless Touches I’m Hoping

In The Present the Past

Becomes Sterile

I’m Not a Angel but in


I’ve Found Company Where Forgiveness

Dance on My


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