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There's Nothing Like the Blues

by Lisa Tomey about a year ago in surreal poetry
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tanka train

There's Nothing Like the Blues
Photo by BRUNO EMMANUELLE on Unsplash

There’s Nothing Like the Blues

a tanka train

chained to a long song

enraptured in the rhythm

of blues when sadness

comes to capture my soul’s heart

it wrings out the wasted tears

what color of blues

does my heart need for now?

that’s tonight’s question

as I search through the playlist

BB King always comes through

try Bobby Blue Bland

takes me to the other side

when he pulls me in

to the done wrongs of this life

and takes me back to my self

just when I think that

I have heard just what I need

the clean-up woman

comes to my tired mind and I

find Miss Betty Wright’s soul songs

take me, take me to

the soulful blues, my dear friend

tell you this, it’s true

when you are feeling let down

there’s nothing quite like the blues

surreal poetry

About the author

Lisa Tomey

Much of Lisa's work is in poetry, short story, and memoir. Publications: Heart Sounds, Heart Beats - Anthology, Silver Linings - Reflections of Life and Hope Through Poetry.. Manager of Prolific Pulse Press LLC.

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