There Goes a Green Torino

by Didi Menendez 7 months ago in vintage

I will be here

There Goes a Green Torino

I will be here

sitting on this pavement

on this block

in this neighborhood

with my legs crossed

with a dog

with another dog

with his bone

in front of my house

in front of the mammoth


drinking a glass of water

reading a book

listening to Disco

because I'm weird that way

playing fetch

tossing a ball

lifting my fat Cuban ass

from the hard




under the stars

under the blistering sun

under the blue vast blue

with my headphones on

with my Twitter tweeting

with yellow canaries

circling my head

with light bulbs flashing

news alerts

with a prayer

under the planets

under the rockets

red glare

looking sideways

looking the other way

looking up

looking down

watching the cars go by

counting the colors

there goes a green Torino

with my hair

growing longer

and longer

I pull it into a ponytail

with lipstick on

with Oil of Olay splattered

and my children

whispering and asking

if I've finally lost it

reading the Tarot cards

my mother left behind

playing Solitaire

under the maple tree

while the magnolia blooms

while twirly birds

fall around me

a tornado torpedoes

I whistle a lullaby

or the theme from

The Andy Griffith Show

as my dog's ear listen

as the temperature drops

as the seasons change

all the while

waiting for you to

decide what to

do with me.

Didi Menendez
Didi Menendez
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