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by Peggy Butler about a year ago in inspirational

What You Need to Be Told

Therapy Advice

My therapist told me to stop expecting everyone to act like me

Putting people's needs before my own

Trying to please everyone

Going that extra mile to show I care

Smiling at strangers

Helping others

Doing my best to make the world better.

And maybe she's right

Because I'm exhausted from it all

But if everyone had listed to their mums telling them

To treat people how you'd want to be treated

I don't think there would be bad in the world.

No one wants to be abused, murdered or raped

So why do people do it

No one wants to be interrupted, insulted or ignored

So why do people do it

I'm not saying these things are similar or equal

Or that they are crimes to be compared

I'm saying that it wouldn't happen if we all listened to ourselves

If we hadn't learnt to interrupt our own train of thought

Maybe we would have thought of it by now

A solution to our social selection

It's survival of the fittest

Who can talk loudest or the most

Who can win at any cost

Who can take whatever they want regardless of anything else

Years and years of evolution have left us here

Expecting everyone else to make the first move

But we won't

We will carry on ignoring what our own consciousness is

telling us

How we want a person to talk to us

How we want to be looked at

How we want to be referred too

I don't want you to be like me

I want you to be you

The better you

To bring out the better

In every one else

Make the first move

Peggy Butler
Peggy Butler
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