then when

tither Moreau

then when

rears it's ugly swine hyena head

it will and can be inferred

that there are substantial provisions made

from the inside out

as the dough rises

the doe rises

her scent on the smoke of the fire

the pyre of sacrifices burnt

the ancestors are here

summoned by the increasing smoky darkness

under that hat from Tibet

living in the roots of that hair

comprising their chemistry of

lift wonka elevators

among the myriad inner

spinning double staircases

so now understand the invisible

the life sustaining irreversible

keep it simple

mandate of transformation

the ether that without which

without witch

we'd be all done in the twist of the flame

Samhain need not gasp for air to laugh

when the word's elusive whisper

careens pit pattering with pure joy

screaming just like a toddler should

old memories play flickering

on the walls

there are crickets and fireflies

for the Love of God

the sweet wind blows as ever

generate some of that fine cozy

moonrise sundown special today

surreal poetry
Susan Loehe
Susan Loehe
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