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Then jeremiad calls

a sonnet

By Emma DatsonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Then jeremiad calls
Photo by Marko Hankkila on Unsplash

I can still hear the calling of curlews,

There was a curfew of them, in the park,

I was gazing at stars, on nature’s pew,

Then jeremiad calls, pierced the dark.

Found their usual place, deep down in my heart,

They evoke my own, inner dark torment,

Though lack power now, to tear me apart,

Light, love, and hope, for me, far more potent.

Yuggera country embraces me now,

The river and mangroves, places of peace,

Tawny Frogmouth owls, up high in the boughs,

Watches over me and my golden fleece.

I am now a lighthouse, a beacon,

My lines indelible, they will shine on.

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About the Creator

Emma Datson

I am 40ish, medically interesting, Australian poet, who is finally using her voice. My superpower is my vocabulary. Dive in and read an eclectic mix of poetry and creative non-fiction, full of love, grief and hope. Light, love

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