The Year-Long Goodbye

by Kimi Mormon about a year ago in sad poetry

When Goodbye Just Doesn't Heal the Heart

The Year-Long Goodbye

I sit in a boat in a sea of sorrow

Waiting for the new day tomorrow

I long for another talk

Or a long destinationless walk

I want you here to talk to me

I want to know if you're proud of me

I want to go for a ride

In that car in which you had a lot of pride

I want to know if I'm doing anything right

Or have you take this anger so I'm not uptight

You've been gone over a year

Yet I struggle to let out a single tear

Why you had to go is a mystery

But I'm left here in misery

Please come back for a night

Help me see it'll all be alright

The pain will never fade

Maybe just become a lighter shade

Wherever you are, I love you

I just hope you know, I'll never not miss you

Rest easy with no pain

Hopefully one day I can see you again

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