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A Limerick

By Gal MuxPublished 8 days ago 1 min read

There were once some writers on Vocal

Who complained that Haikus were total

Now they have a Limerick writing challenge

To test their wits to their advantage

And have they jumped yet into the oval?


I was working on some Limerick ideas, and this one popped into my head 😄. 

I guess I am having as much fun coming up with Limericks as much as I did coming up with Haikus - if not more. 

I am also enjoying reading, laughing about and learning from the ones already submitted. 

I ofcourse will submit as many as I can come up with because I see no reason to limit my output. And I also feel motivated that I am allowed to submit as many as I would wish. Hopefully I can create enough quality ones to compile into an anthology. 

I actually was not aware of Limericks before this challenge. Am I alone on this? 🤔

Oh, and I hope this one nudges you even if it's just a little to test your wits if you havn't attempted it yet. They are so much fun to create!


About the Creator

Gal Mux

Lover of all things reading & writing, 🥭 &

🍍salsas, 🍓 & vanilla ice cream, MJ & Beyoncé.

Nothing you learn is ever wasted - Berry Gordy

So learn everything you can.

Reach: Galmux[email protected]

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  • Donna Renee8 days ago

    Ooh I like your anthology idea! How fun! 😁😁. I hadn’t thought about limericks in a very long time before this challenge!

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