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The world of mortals is gone, and life is broken

by Anh Bo Cong 2 months ago in art
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The world of mortals is gone, and life is broken

Years without trace, old for a period of time, leaving a memory. No matter how hard I try, memories are like rooted saplings, which are difficult to peel off. They occupy my mind and often make me think deeply!

Fragmentary memories wander freely in my mind. There are charming shadows of you everywhere. I hate memories, but I always like to pick up a fragment from time to time just to find the feeling of once. That's the day when you are there, and I'm so happy!

I don't know when I began to like you. Maybe you don't know what it feels like to be stolen? But I don't blame you. I put my heart on you. Although it hurts sometimes, it's very happy!

Still remember when you walked in the snow, the flying snowflakes couldn't hide your charming shadow. The snowflakes floated and white long hair. Between my eyes, I seemed to stop breathing. The north wind blew, and I had completely lost myself. You were so moving. Maybe, love at first sight, but snowflakes were flying. This moment has achieved eternity in my heart and will be unforgettable in my life!

Flakes of snowflakes float by, little red plums are left behind, the faint fragrance of flowers is diffuse, and the mind is floating away from the body. I just want to melt the snow and fall on the tip of your hair. Even if it does, it will always be with you!

Goodbye is spring. Peach blossoms are blooming all over the branches, and warm peach fragrance has long replaced plum fragrance. When I met you, your pink clothes were like magic, walking in the peach blossom garden, fragrant wind blowing, falling flowers all over the sky, and flower rain scattered, which took away the memory of my life.

In the palm of my hand, a little red fell, and my blurred eyes seemed to be rippling with autumn water. I, in the depths of peach blossoms, let the flowers drop my clothes and clothes, and watch your eyes see through.

The so-called Iraqis are separated by peach blossoms. Since they met in the snow that day, they sent each other wholeheartedly. Today, I see you in the peach forest. I suddenly feel that my heart has returned. However, the falling flowers are intentional and the flow is ruthless. I put my heart in her. After all, it's just an empty dream, which comes from wishful thinking!

When a beautiful woman falls into a dream, she only wishes not to wake up. Maybe her heart is thinking. After parting from the peach forest, your figure will linger. Blurred eyes and sweet smile... Are often reflected in my brain. After a glass of wine, the big dream will be born three times, which is accompanied by your fantasy. The dream comes with joy, the dream goes with sorrow, and the short-term happiness will leave a lifetime of memories!

The autumn wind is bleak and the drizzle is lingering. Reading the article network is like my missing for you. Although it is invisible, it is difficult to break. You walk with an umbrella in the drizzle, just like flowering in the rain and scattering the dust. Autumn wind blowing, falling leaves, bleak wind slightly curl your long hair, let the hair fall on your cheeks, everything is so natural!

When the world of mortals is gone, life is judged. Everything is like cause and effect. The flashiness of the world is like a dream. However, when the wind passes, you don't take a picture. You have a beautiful shadow in my heart. Don't say goodbye. Since your heart has gone, be an unintentional person.


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